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Hello all Legacy is growing more everyday and gaining more of a personality everyday.She is 2 1/2 months old and getting tall.I'll measure her in the next few days.I just started everyone on Dac products today i got the Bloom for Jet and the boys, the Orange Superior for Brandy and Colt Grower for Legacy.I have heard really great things about these products so i thought i would give it a try. Also cocosoya oil works great for hard keepers and senior horses.Bay is going to be started on it for winter since that is when he tends to go down some in weight during that time.Im going to be looking at a mare tomorrow to add to the broodmare band so I may  have a new addition soon. 


Wow time has gone by so fast. Legacy is doing great and growing she stands 13 hands already.Brandy is getting ready to wean her foal so that she will be ready to breed in febuary to Jet.She has really taken a liking to Jet she will whinney to him during the day.Handsome has been doing really well in the roundpen with riding.he has about 30 days on him of ground work and on back.Jerry Lee will start training again soon he is going to be up for sale so i can get a couple more mares, he would make a great english prospect.Jet is already getting prepared for the breeding season comming up. It will start in Febuary and go till July.Bay is getting better, his hoofs have started to grow out again.Once his white line clears up he will be up for sale also. We are still looking for a couple mares.I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Well first off happy new year everyone.we sold Jerry Lee to a good home in miami ,fl 2 weeks ago and he is loving the year round warm weather.Legacy is growing steadly,Brandy is ready to be bred this year to Jet.Jet is standing this breeding season for $400.00 it is the introductory book now before his price goes back to $500.00. Bay is doing good we are looking for a loving home for him.we will either sell him or trade him for a registered AQHA or APHA mare that is open,bred,or with foal by side.Handsome is still doing really well under saddle, we may or may not decide to sell him.he will make a great rodeo prospect.We just got 2 new rescues in on January 31st.They are both geldings that we were told are registered and we should be getting their papers soon.the first one is Blaze he is 8yrs old and 14.1 hands.rides well and use to be a barrel and pole horse before he was put out to field with cows.Next is Lightning, he is 17yrs old and severly malnurished he is a 1 on the body weight scale. he is under going alot of TLC so he can gain his weight back.

Everyones doing great  the new geldings are gaining weight and a dentist should be comming out in the next week or so to do their teeth.i have been riding Blaze and he is doing really well i was suprised how great he rides.I got a new mare yesterday she is APHA registered and her name is Rita.She is a black/brown tovero mare with a right blue eye. Im gonna get her lwo tested so i can breed her to Jet.Handsome is officially up for sale I am asking $ 1,500 for him before he is gelded.once gelded his price will go up alot.My friends aussie passed away yesterday so we can all take a moment to send our best wishes for her in this time of loss.RIP Mango i know how much your momma truley loved you.Bays white line has cleared up and he now has casting material on his hoofs instead of the shoes so that will help bring down his farrier bill alot, he is for sale also check them out on the sale barn page.I will be putting pictures up of everyone shortly.

4-13-10- Today is a very sad day for us we lost our outstanding broodmare and show horse Brandy she was 3 months in foal to Jet . She died of complecations to colic.We will greatly miss her and it will be severly hard to find another mare to fill her spot. also we found good homes for 3 of our rescues.on a happy note, Honey finially foaled a beautiful filly on april 11 her name is sassy. look for updated pics soon.

7-26-10- got another APHA reg mare that is a rescue. she is skin and bones and is possibly infoal.we have been told she rides but will soon find out. UPDATE Joly isnt infoal and is gaining weight is amazing how some people take care of their horses.

sept 2010- Joly is possibly infoal to Jet for 2011. it will be our only foal by him for next year. Honey is getting a yr off and will possibly be bred to Jet for a 2012 foal.sassy her foal is getting weaned.Legacy has started fitting for halter.Handsome has been riding very well and Rita will be started under saddle . Both Handsome and Rita are for sale.Please inquire if interested.Hopefully we will be showing horses this year.